Stress Less: Three Tips for Organising a No Hassle Hen or Stag Do Abroad

If you’ve ever organised someone else’s stag or hen do, or have been the bride or groom to be, you’ll know that organising the perfect last night of freedom isn’t always plain sailing. If you throw going abroad into the mix, without the right approach, your stag or hen weekend has the potential to become an organisational nightmare!

But, with a little thought and some insider know-how from someone who’s been planning stag and hen weekends abroad for more years than she cares to remember, you can make your hen and stag-planning life as straightforward as possible. Here are Aunty’s top 3 tips to making the perfect weekend hassle free:

1.    Organisation, Organisation, Organisation

If you’ve been chosen as someone’s best man or chief bridesmaid, chances are you’ve been picked not only because you’re very special to the bride or groom to be, but also because you’ve got a good organisational head on your shoulders.

Even the most organised person, however, can fall into the trap of thinking that the hen or stag weekend is ages away, and therefore leaving everything to the last minute. Giving yourself enough time to prepare is key, especially if you’re planning on taking your stags or hens abroad.

Give everyone enough time to save up, get their money in, organise outfits etc etc…just giving yourself the gift of time can be all you need sometimes to make the planning go smoothly!

2.    Don’t Ask Everyone’s Opinion

Too many cooks spoil the broth. And too many hens or stags spoil the planning! You are the best man or chief bridesmaid, and therefore only you and certain other people should be involved with the organisation. These people may be the bride or groom, unless it’s a surprise, or the other bridesmaids and groomsmen.

If you know roughly what the bride or groom wants from their last night of freedom – whether this be a chance to chill out before the big day, a boozy do, or perhaps a stag or hen activity weekend – go with your gut instincts and plan around that. 

Don’t be bullied by other people’s opinions into doing what they want you to do. Your bride or groom, and your sanity, will thank you for it. 

3.    Use a Supplier you can Trust

Aunty can’t stress this enough! If you opt for a stag or hen weekend abroad, you need to be working with someone that you can trust. It’ll be a bit like a long distance relationship, so you need to know that your planning from afar will be in safe hands at your chosen destination.

If you opt for the Costa Brava, you’ll be in no safer hands than Aunty’s. From booking activities through to arranging delicious local meals and even having nightlife on tap, Aunty will have everything sorted ready for your arrival. Why not choose one of Aunty’s stag or hen packages, too, to make life even simpler?


The Costa Brava: The Perfect Place for a Stag or Hen Weekend in Spain

No one should have to stress about what should be a fun time away with your closest pals. Leave the planning to Aunty, and you can worry not!

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