The Survival Guide: How to Make the Most of your Stag or Hen Weekend Abroad

We all know that a lot of stag and hen weekends end up messier than we might intend. Of course, this is often the sign of a good night! But what if you’ve got a mixture of people going, some of whom may not drink, or perhaps you just don’t want to go mad or be the centre of attention?

If you want to enjoy your hen or stag do abroad without the skull-crushing hangovers the next morning, or feet crippled from too much dancing in high heels, there are ways that you can get everyone involved, still enjoy the fun and not go overboard. Here are our top tips for surviving a stag or hen weekend abroad:

Get Active

hwEnjoying a daytime activity is a great way to get everyone in the hen or stag party involved, whether you’re looking for a boozy time or not. By including fun daytime activities, everyone can join in, and won’t feel like they’re sidelined if they don’t want to drink.

What’s more, by booking an activity you can often duck out of the sun for a while whilst still enjoying the fun of a hen or stag do abroad. No one wants to spend half of their hen or stag weekend holed up in a hotel room with sun stroke!

Dine before Wine

boAunty doesn’t want to sound like your mum, but it’s sensible to make sure that everyone lines their stomachs before that all important night on the town!

Ask Aunty about booking a delicious typically Spanish meal as part of your night time activities, and don’t forget that you can include an erotic strip show for dessert if you want to add that something special to your dining experience. Lining your stomach on a stag or hen weekend abroad needn’t be boring!

Dress to Impress

Aunty AndreaA tip for the ladies, perhaps, but whilst everyone wants to dress to impress when on their hen weekend abroad, make sure that you pack a pair of flat shoes!

It sounds daft, but you’ll be able to enjoy your hen weekend much more if you can carry on dancing into the wee hours, even if you do try to hold out in your high heels for as long as possible!

Don’t forget to pack clothes suitable for the activities you’ve booked, too, as well as things like painkillers and any medication that your members may need. If you’re keeping the activities a surprise from the stag or hen, make sure they know what sort of outfits they’ll be needing, or alternatively, pack a bag for them!

Book your Hotel Wisely

Speak to Aunty about the type of hotel you’re after. We would recommend booking somewhere close to the action, but where you can retreat to at the end of a full day enjoying yourself, so that you can relax if you so wish.

Air conditioning is a must if you want a good night’s sleep, which is the key to shaking off a hangover, after all!

Whatever your requirements, Aunty is all about making sure your hen or stag do abroad is a memorable one, and for all the right reasons!

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