A Bubble of Laughs: why Bubble Football is the Latest Hen & Stag Craze

There’s a reason the Germans call the new craze sweeping the globe ‘Loopyball’. Bubble football is, well, rather loopy! Yes that’s right, the sport where you don a giant zorb-type bubble ball over your body and head and kick a football around a pitch for ten minutes at a time. What could be more normal than that?! 

bubble futbol 008

And, more to the point, what could be more fun than that, particularly when you’re enjoying a crazy kickabout with your mates as part of a hen or stag do abroad? Anyone who’s watched YouTube footage of bubble football will know that it is a serious laugh, and isn’t that what a stag or hen weekend abroad is all about?

Join in the belly-laughs! Or should that be bubble laughs?

You may be wondering why this activity is such good fun. Well, the fact that it actually started as a joke for a Norwegian sports comedy programme will give you a hint.

Players take a giant ball – or bubble – similar to those used for zorbing (rolling down a hill in a giant ball) and place it over their upper body and head. From here there are little or no rules, except that the winners are the ones that score the most goals, like they would be in a normal match.

When the whistle blows, all players charge towards the middle of the pitch for the ball and hilarity ensues: your body is restricted, your balance is off-centre and you’ll find yourself bouncing around the pitch and off each other in a giant ball. And this can all be enjoyed as part of your hen or stag activity weekend!

bubble futbol 041

Serious fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not competitive too! 

Now we know that part of the jokes enjoyed on a stag or hen activity weekend stem from the day’s activities. Who’s made a show of themselves, who’s been the surprise of the weekend and, ultimately, who’s come out on top. And that’s why bubble football is so great.

Yes, it’s really funny, but it’s also surprisingly competitive. After a while it does get a little steamy and sweaty inside those balls – eww! – and visibility can be compromised.

What might start out as a giant game of dodge ball can eventually become a game where defence is just as fun as attack, as you have a laugh trying to defend your goal, so it’s not always obvious from the start who will come out as the eventual winner!

After all, we know you’ll need something to feed the banter in the pubs and clubs as part of your hen or stag do abroad that evening, and we’ll happily oblige with a spot of bubble football … !

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