Stag Weekends in Spain: Take the banter abroad!

How many of you play football for a local weekend team? Or enjoy a round of golf or two? Or even just like indulging in a bit of banter down your local? Let’s face it, most lads enjoy a bit of competitive spirit every now and again, and a stag weekend in Spain is the perfect time to find out who’s top dog!

But to discover who the leader of the pack is, and enjoy a great bit of banter along the way, you need to pick a location that lets you indulge in a few spirited activities.

Lloret de Mar is the perfect destination for a stag weekend in Spain; so what are you waiting for? It’s time to find out who is the alpha male!

Stag Team Building – Who’s the Mole Amongst you?

To get the ball rolling on a competitive stag weekend, Spain is a great place for a little bit of team building? OK, so you’ve got to work as a team, which kind of goes against the competitiveness you boys so enjoy, but it’s a great way of breaking the ice if people don’t know each other all that well.

And guess what? There’s a twist! Whilst you’re all working in teams, one of you will be put to work as the infiltrator! Even before you’ve set foot on the plane to get to your Spain stag weekend, you’ll be sent questionnaires which will be analysed by a psychologist, who will then decide who will make the best mole! How far can this imposter take it? Can you work out who’s working against you? And most importantly, will this person go on to become the team leader after all the activities of the week have been done and dusted?!

Let the stag do games begin on your Stag Weekend in Spain!

Once the ice has been broken, it’s time to step it up a gear on your competitive stag weekend! Spain, and Lloret de Mar in particular, offers a whole host of activities which will sort the men from the boys.

How about enjoying a game of stag football, or an adrenaline filled round of stag go-karting? One of the most popular competitive activities, of course, is stag paintballing; in Lloret de Mar you’ll be able to tear around one of Europe’s top paintballing sites, which has hosted several world championships – enabling you to decide who’s your champion!

Of course, you don’t have to go on a stag weekend in Spain to indulge in such banter, but where else will you find such a varied combination of activities for your boys to fight it out over – all taking place during sun drenched days, too?

Take that banter down the pub!

At the end of a long day enjoying your stag weekend, Spain’s night life comes into its own. You may have been the winner at stag archery, and pelted everyone in sight with fluorescent paint pellets during stag paintballing, but can you hold your own on a Spanish pub crawl?!

Lloret de Mar: The Perfect Place for your Spain Stag Weekend!

We all know the joking doesn’t stop on the sports field but goes on into the pub, so why not take up the challenge of one of Aunty’s pub crawls in Lloret de Mar? With a buzzing nightlife, fabulous weather and being quick and easy to get to using low cost airlines, Lloret de Mar really is the perfect place for a stag weekend in Spain; we just hope you’re up for it – after all, if you’re not, the mickey taking will be something chronic!

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